Week Six: The need to choose God’s redemptive plan of blessing. (Oct 8-12)

Week 6 The need to choose God’s redemptive plan of blessing. (Oct 8-12)
Day 26  Deut 26   How do you give God the first fruits of your life?

Day 27  Deut 27   What is it like to live under the curse of God?  

Day 28  Deut 28   What is it like to live under the blessing of God?  

Day 29  Deut 29   What is the better way to live? (v.13)
Day 30  Deut 30   Choose life today? (v.19-20)


Week Five: Structuring life in God’s will. (Oct 1-5)

Week 5 Structuring life in God’s will. (Oct 1-5)

Day 21  Deut 21   How did Jesus carry the curse for our sins on the cross? (v.23)

Day 22  Deut 22   How can we be a purifying influence in a hyper-sexual society?
Day 23  Deut 23   Do you get the sense that all of life is to honor God?

Day 24  Deut 24   How does remembering God’s grace to us, help us be gracious to others?

Day 25  Deut 25   How does God want you to act when you buy and sell? (v.16)

Week Four: Structuring leadership in God’s will. (Sept 24-28)

Week 4 Structuring leadership in God’s will. (Sept 24-28)

Day 16  Deut 16   How do you remember and celebrate the great things of God?

Day 17  Deut 17   What are the most important qualities of civil leaders?

Day 18  Deut 18   How is Jesus our Prophet (v18), Priest and King?  

Day 19  Deut 19   How can the church be a place of refuge for people?   

Day 20  Deut 20   God’s people have a different attitude toward war than the world's.

Week Three: Living as the distinctly different people of God. (Sept 17-21)

Week 3 Living as the distinctly different people of God. (Sept 17-21)

Day 11  Deut 11   How can you live more fully into the blessings of God?

Day 12  Deut 12   Why is worship central to your obedient life of faith?

Day 13  Deut 13   What are some modern gods that tempt you to follow them? "

Day 14  Deut 14   As God’s “holy people” we look at food and money differently than the world.
Day 15  Deut 15   How can you be generous in a greedy world?

Week Two: God’s commitment to us and our committed response. (Sept 10-14)

Week 2 God’s commitment to us and our committed response. (Sept 10-14)

Day 6   Deut 6    How can you love God with all your heart, soul and strength? (v.5)
Day 7   Deut 7    Why does God love you so much? Why does he choose you? (v.7)

Day 8  Deut 8How do we commit ourselves to God in this good land?
Day 9  Deut 9 Note the wonder of God’s grace for you! (v.5+6)
Day 10 Deut 10 How committed is God to saving and redeeming you? (v.15)

Week One: Moses the mediator renews covenant trust

Reading Chapters 1-5

Day 1   Deut 1   How do you fail to trust the Lord and his plans for you?

Day 2   Deut 2  How has God made a way for you to bring you this far?

Day 3   Deut 3   Why was Moses forbidden to cross over into the land?

Day 4   Deut 4   Receive the promise "if you seek the Lord you will find him.” (v.29)

Day 5   Deut 5  How do the Ten Commandments show our sin and the need for God’s grace?

Intro to Deuteronomy Study

It is good for a church to be reading the Bible together. We join in engaging God’s Word and we can speak about how it is at work in our lives. Every year I like to provide several Scripture Reading Guides so that we can grow together in faith.

We begin this year with the Old Testament book of Deuteronomy. Then in January 2019 we will read through the Gospel of Mark together Then in April (after Easter – Apr 19) we will read the Letter of Ephesians. In this way we engage God’s Holy Word through an Old Testament book, a Gospel and a New Testament letter. Each speaks powerfully to us of his love and saving grace.

We begin with Deuteronomy because it is the call of God through Moses (the author) to be renewed in our faith…

Acts 4:36: "A word from Barnabas"

Dear Grace Congregation. It is transition time for me and Barb. In these weeks we are working at “finishing well” here at Bethel while at the same time we are also beginning to think about things in Grace CRC Welland.

Transition here means saying good bye and that takes several forms.

One is saying goodbye to things that we will not need to take with us.

I am saying goodbye to books I seldom use. I have sold some online, given some away to colleagues and donated some to our local University. I even threw a few in the garbage.

Barb is working on things in our home. There are things that do not need to come to Welland. We have sold a desk and dresser on Kijiji. The Thrift Store has received some items. We have given things away to people and a bunch of stuff has gone in the trash.

On a larger scale we are working to sell our house. We love our house. It has been a great place to live and work but now we need to sell it. We have made it presentable for prospective buyers and we hope and pray that it sells but it will be hard to leave it behind.  

The hardest is of course saying goodbye to all of our friends who we know and love, especially our church family. We have already been approached by many people saying words of farewell. Each one reminds us of how special our time here has been.

Finally there is the reality that Barb’s family will be far away and contact will be limited. We are already planning some final family events.

Through this time of saying good bye we trust in our Lord who watches over our coming and going (Ps 121:7).

Pastor Mike & Barb