Acts 4:36: "A word from Barnabas"

Dear Grace Congregation. It is transition time for me and Barb. In these weeks we are working at “finishing well” here at Bethel while at the same time we are also beginning to think about things in Grace CRC Welland.

Transition here means saying good bye and that takes several forms.

One is saying goodbye to things that we will not need to take with us.

I am saying goodbye to books I seldom use. I have sold some online, given some away to colleagues and donated some to our local University. I even threw a few in the garbage.

Barb is working on things in our home. There are things that do not need to come to Welland. We have sold a desk and dresser on Kijiji. The Thrift Store has received some items. We have given things away to people and a bunch of stuff has gone in the trash.

On a larger scale we are working to sell our house. We love our house. It has been a great place to live and work but now we need to sell it. We have made it presentable for prospective buyers and we hope and pray that it sells but it will be hard to leave it behind.  

The hardest is of course saying goodbye to all of our friends who we know and love, especially our church family. We have already been approached by many people saying words of farewell. Each one reminds us of how special our time here has been.

Finally there is the reality that Barb’s family will be far away and contact will be limited. We are already planning some final family events.

Through this time of saying good bye we trust in our Lord who watches over our coming and going (Ps 121:7).

Pastor Mike & Barb