Deuteronomy Study

Week One: Moses the mediator renews covenant trust

Reading Chapters 1-5

Day 1   Deut 1   How do you fail to trust the Lord and his plans for you?

Day 2   Deut 2  How has God made a way for you to bring you this far?

Day 3   Deut 3   Why was Moses forbidden to cross over into the land?

Day 4   Deut 4   Receive the promise "if you seek the Lord you will find him.” (v.29)

Day 5   Deut 5  How do the Ten Commandments show our sin and the need for God’s grace?

Intro to Deuteronomy Study

It is good for a church to be reading the Bible together. We join in engaging God’s Word and we can speak about how it is at work in our lives. Every year I like to provide several Scripture Reading Guides so that we can grow together in faith.

We begin this year with the Old Testament book of Deuteronomy. Then in January 2019 we will read through the Gospel of Mark together Then in April (after Easter – Apr 19) we will read the Letter of Ephesians. In this way we engage God’s Holy Word through an Old Testament book, a Gospel and a New Testament letter. Each speaks powerfully to us of his love and saving grace.

We begin with Deuteronomy because it is the call of God through Moses (the author) to be renewed in our faith…