Mens Coffee.jpg

Meets: Weekly on Tuesday  Time: 9:30 AM.

McDonald’s, Niagara St

Men's Coffee Social

A time for men to connect and socialize.

Join us Tuesday mornings for coffee, treats and fellowship as we discuss different bible topics.




Womans Coffee Break.png

A group that introduces you to the Bible while experiencing the fellowship of other women. We are caring group of women who would love to have you come join us! No prior Bible knowledge is necessary. We also have special mornings for crafts and speakers! They care is provided.

Meetings: Tuesday Mornings   Time: 9:30 am

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Meets: Monthly on a Sunday Evening

Time: 4:30 pm

Small Groups

Come visit our small groups for fellowship and films. We're currently enjoying the documentary series Prophets & Kings, where we're given insight into the life of Christ by visiting the very places He walked during His earthly ministry. We always have lively discussion and as always, don't forget to bring snacks! This event takes place once per month; check the bulletin for more details!

Game Night.png

Meets: Monthly on a Friday Evening  Time: 7:00 pm

Game Night

If you are looking for an enjoyable night out while creating friendships and playing games, game night is for you. Ages 30 to 50 or maybe those that feel they are in that age range and love to play games or enjoy snacks or maybe you like playing games and your partner likes the snacks, your company could be the life of the party. Every night is something different, ranging from a variety of card games to dominos or board games, including a change in venue. If you have a favourite game or a snack that you have been waiting all week for bring it along and share with the group!  We look forward to seeing you there. 



Meets: Monthly on Wednesday Morning  Time: 10 am

Senior's Groups

The seniors group provides a great opportunity for fellowship and fun. This event takes place once a month on Wednesday's from 10-12pm; check the bulletin for more details. Here we enjoy prayer time, movies, games, scenic drives, lunch, scripture reading, and more. Don't forget to bring snacks!


Young Adults.png

Meets: Monthly on a Sunday Evening
Time: 7 pm

Hang Out (18-30)

A group for Young Adults (18- 30ish) to get together for Bible study, fellowship, games, movies and lots of fun. We are a small group that's pretty laid back and do just as the name of the group is " hang out". This group was made in the hopes to bring our young adults of our church together, but would love for others to join us. If you would like more info  please feel free to text or call our coordinator Emilia at 905-325-3824


Meets: First Monday of the Month   
Time: 7:30 pm

Friendship Ministry

Friendship is a night service for persons with cognitive disabilities (our friends) and their caregivers to gather for a time of fellowship and worship.

We have between 30-50 friends and 20-25 volunteers for the season.

We enjoy sharing stories, doing plays and learning more about God’s word.

The purpose of the Friendship program is to nurture the spiritual growth of people with special needs in the context of personal and meaningful relationships.